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Dynamic Software On Demand

SILICON OFFICE is the fastest and easiest way for software developers and web designers to deliver "On Demand" application systems.

Our patent pending technology, provides dynamic internet applications that are easily customised and deployed into your environment.

The SILICON OFFICE web engine, combines developer tools, simple web server deployment and dynamic client connector software, to leverage the power of the internet with fast, feature rich, client applications.

Rapid Application Development

SILICON OFFICE increases developer productivity delivering internet based application systems faster than ever before.

  • Traditional windows, GUI based, rapid application development tools.

  • Easy to learn, English like scripting language and integrated development environment.

Our demonstration Sales Order Processing system was completed in less than 5 working days compared to 20+ days using traditional web development tools currently available.

Simplified Deployment

Near zero configuration is required on client machines avoiding expensive maintenance, configuration and distribution costs.

  • Simply publish your finished application to your web site and data server

Each SILICON OFFICE application is served dynamically from an intranet, extranet or internet server to clients.

  • Serve the application on demand via normal http to clients

The SILICON OFFICE client software installed on the client machine, avoids compatibility problems with ever changing standards, pluggins and browser differences.

Fast, Dynamic Client Software

SILICON OFFICE applications are faster than traditional browser based applications especially over slow modem connections.

This increases productivity and satisfies requirements for normal day-to-day usage of internet based applications.

  • Clients enjoy fast, dynamic, feature rich, on demand applications.

Low Cost, Unified, Scalable Solution

SILICON OFFICE provides a unified, scalable, applications on demand solution, without the high costs, risks and complexity that has dogged software developers and the IT industry.

  • Low server requirements
  • Low communication speeds
  • Low maintenance 

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